This deck was made just to prove it is possible. In ranked play the chances of this happening are extremely low. In fact, I had to make nearly 100 attempts in friendly matches just to get the following replay:

The One Turn Kill

takx OTK with Paladin

From Opponent's Point of View (Ranked Play)

Rasior OTK

30 Damage Hallucination

The deck list below is probably the best version which was designed by takx (and uses Epitaph). Above are a few of his replays during ranked play which shows that this deck can actually win!

Classes: 3

  • Knight
  • Monk or Paladin
  • Rogue

Weapons: 4

  • 4 Throatslayer

Artifacts: 4

  • 2-4 Ornament
  • 2-4 Featherstone Shield

Spells: 12

  • 4 Revelation
  • 4 Rebirth
  • 4 Quick Study


  • 4 Intelligence or Epitaph
  • 4 Woolgathering Revery
  • 4 Hallucination

Armors: 4

  • 4 Imagination Mask

Trinkets: 4

  • 4 Bag of Dreams

Total Cards: 40

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