By janapas

An OTK deck which revolves around Redemption, Sky Wand and Explosion. Its main play style is defending efficiently until you get enough draws to increase damage from Explosion and Redemption. This type of deck has several variations. The one below is my own variation. Enjoy :)

1 Rogue

1 Sorcerer

1 Wizard

1 Bloodlust

1 Sundthra’s Stealth

4 Bea’s Constellation

3 Burn Weapon

4 Dispel Magic

3 Dowsing

2 Energy Leak

1 Explosion

2 Gift of Knowledge

4 Hinder

2 Inspiration

4 Invisibility

4 Magic Barrier

4 Oracle’s Fortune

1 Soul of M’chzk

1 Stabilize

1 Redemption

4 Sky Wand

3 Amber Orb

2 Book of Wisdom

2 Heal Wrap

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